Glenfiddich advertisment

This was a concept for a double page Glenfiddich advertisment that you might find in a magazine with branding and slogan. The aim was to see whether I could model an object photo-realistically and have it be convincing enough to fool people. (which this actually was when I showed people. Many thought I’d just taken a photograph of a bottle outside.)
Using an actual bottle of Glenfiddich as reference I modelled a digital version in Maya. I then recreated the labels as closely as possible in Illustrator. The backplate was shot on a Canon 5D in my backyard. Taking the blackplate into Maya I matched the virtual camera lens to the same focal length I used in real life. It was then a case of just adjusting the virtual camera until I got the angle right, and the bottles appeared to be sitting on the table at the right angle. I rendered out separate passes with V-Ray. Rendering passes rather than a single images give you more control later and allows you to adjust lighting, colour, shadows much easier. I composited the passes together and merged with the back plate in Nuke.

Client: Personal Project
Year: 2014
Job Type: 3D