I worked for startup web site from early 2017 to July 2018 when the company officially closed down. I was brought on as graphic designer and video editor. My tasks included creating the branding for the company ie. logo, stationary, clothing etc but my main task was really video production and video editing. I spent a lot of time behind the camera, (which was a Sony A7R2) and plenty of time in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. I created all manner of videos; from snowboard reviews for youtube to shop advertisments for Instagram. Below I’ve picked a variety of pieces I produced. (more to come later)

First video are some outros I created in After Effects using parallax, it’s actually a simple technique that has an eye-catching look, and I’d definitely like to use it again in future projects.

Next, is a quick Facebook video banner ad I produced promoting our new online store. It uses a masking technique that I carried through to all subsequent marketplace ads that I made.

The third video is one of our better snowboard reviews. We travelled to Thredbo and filmed reviews all day on different cameras. Additionally it was my job to collect and edit footage and create motion graphics. We all felt the snappy editing and punchy format, running no more than a couple of minutes, was how all our future reviews should be.